The artistic and cultural journal
of Rovás Art Group


Written by Kovács Ágnes     

Translated by Zoltán Bartko

FiguratiF Gallery, MaJel Rovás Centre Alžbetina 42, Košice, Slovakia

4 April 2019 - 30 April 2019

The presented works were created in the international graphic camps organized by the artistic association ′Kőrös-Körül a Művészetért Egyesület′ since 2013. The initiator and organiser is the artistic director of the association, graphic artist Anna B. Zeikfalvy. The camps were organized for university students of art from the neighbouring countries.

The topic of the courseworks is Sándor Petőfi, the best known Hungarian poet. It is logical, since the students were working in the town of Kiskőrös, Petőfi′s birthplace. in the international creative camps, the students of art created works with topics set in advance, in classical genres, using the letterpress and intaglio printing techniques. The works made in the camps were evaluated by a jury of well known artists and art historians. Afterwards, there was an exhibition set up from the works evaluated in the particular year. Participants donated their works to the Petőfi Memorial Museum. With these works, increasing in number each year, the museum′s collection has grown by more than fifty pieces, thus becoming the largest Hungarian contemporary collection of fine arts concerning Petőfi. This selection of works has already been exhibited at many memorial places of Petőfi, but as far as our foreign partners are concerned, this is the first time that the audience abroad – in Košice, Slovakia – can see it.


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